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Barre Attack

What is Barre Attack?

Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Fitness. It's an all-body workout, using the classic Ballet Barre, that attacks the legs, butt, core and arms. Not only is Barre Attack fun, you don't need to have prior dance experience to enjoy the benefits of Barre Attack.

Are Barre Attack Exercises for Me?

Barre Attack concepts and exercises have been included into our Group Exercise classes. They are fun and effective. It will help improve your balance and posture, as well as improving flexibilty and strength. Barre Attack exercises are for everyone - they can be modified for beginners, pregnant women and clients with injuries, as well as modified for those who want a challenge!

What to expect from Barre Attack exercises?

Barre Attack exercises will be incorporated with traditional matwork during your Group Exercise Class. The actual structure of the class will vary between instructors but you can expect the following:

Barre Section: here you will use the classic Ballet Barre ( a new addition in the Southside Rehabilitation gymnasium). You will have one or both of your hands on the barre or doing exercises just off the barre. Here, expect to hear the terms "first position", "second position" and "plie". But it's not just may also be doing push ups, lunges or stretching.

Elastic Series: the elastic bands are looped on the barre to provide you with resistance. You could be facing the barre, standing up or lying on your back or tummy. The exercises are designed to strengthen your core, upper body and legs, whilst improving your posture.

Ball, Weights and Mat: a mix of different equipment ensures you get a whole body workout. You might use the balls in standing or on the mat for more traditional exercises. Light hand weights might be used to tone your upper body. Either way, you'll leave your class feeling like you've worked muscles you didn't know you had!


Find out more about Barre Attack at or watch the video on this page.



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