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"A Guide To Safer Sport" has been compiled by Phillip Richardson and Francis Crossle, APA Sports Physiotherapists.

It provides a handy reference on aspects of training, fitness and injury guidance, as well as the latest information on the physical enhancement of performance for sports coaches, managers and parents.

Coaches and managers of local sports teams may not have the high level resources that professional coaches have access to. In addition, we often encounter parents who have questions they are uncertain about regarding their children's physical problems sustained while playing sport.

It is intended this Handbook will help fill that gap by providing advice to those less well resourced and is available by calling in
to Southside Physiotherapy in Cronulla, or click on the Handbook picture to download your own copy.

Concussion, particularly for young sports people, is potentially one of the most serious injuries anyone can sustain. Dr Martin Raftery, Chief Medical Officer, World Rugby, is a world authority on the management of concussion and has contributed a significant section in this Handbook that is essential reading for everyone involved in all categories of sports. 

To create this resource, we have referenced our own 60 years of combined experience and up-to-date advice from around the world.

Finally, it is encouraged in this Handbook to try to make coaching and playing FUN for your players - you may even get fewer injuries and you will certainly have more participants who are more likely to remain sports people all their lives. Follow this link to download your copy of Dynamic Stretching (PDF).

For further information or to complete concussion education modules for parents, referees, healthcare professionals and medical practitioners go to

For specific information on concussion, go to


PLEASE NOTE: this booklet should serve as a guide only.

When in doubt always seek advice from Southside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre or your GP



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