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Running is one of Australia's favourite pastimes, yet it is also a skill which can be trained. Sports Medicine Australia reports that up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries. So whether you want to run a marathon, improve your speed, or just run for fun, running with good technique is the key to achieving goals and preventing injury.

Our biomechanical movement screen and video analysis of you running allows us to identify weaknesses that can be improved upon, and strengths that can be built upon. Not only do we train your running technique, we will also help you to understand your movement patterns and why we are correcting them.

Your first session will consist of a brief discussion about your running, injury history and your goals. We will then put you through a short but comprehensive movement screen to identify any muscle imbalances or faulty movement patterns that may impact your running. Your therapist will then take you through a warm up and familiarise you with the treadmill, before videoing you running. We then sit down with you to analyse the video and show you strengths and weaknesses in your running technique.

The remaining five sessions involve a combination of exercises and interval running on the treadmill to improve your movement patterns and train your running technique. You will also be given a home exercise program tailored specifically to your needs. In your final session we review your goals and conduct another video analysis to compare to your initial video and show you how much you have improved!

Our Running Clinic is appropriate for runners of all ages and all ability levels.

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