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Benefits of Barre

It might look like ballet but it’s not!

Barre is a wonderful fitness concept. It takes elements of traditional Ballet barre and Pilates repertoire and combines these elements with low-impact, high intensity cardiovascular fitness and functional training to make you move better. It’s a full body workout designed for all fitness levels. I was fortunate enough to train with Renee Scott, the creator of Barre Attack, who ignited a passion to bring the Barre Attack concepts to Southside Physiotherapy.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a Ballerina to enjoy the benefits of a Barre workout. Here’s why Barre workouts have become so popular:

1. Hard on the muscles, soft on the joints – the controlled movements that take place in the barre classes aim to influence how biomechanically efficient you are. With attention to technique, you will learn to move better to feel better.

2. Increased muscle tone, strength and endurance – this whole body workout will leave no muscle untouched. The repetitious movements with hand weights, resistance bands and Pilates ball will have you sweating and shaking. Some movements will work your larger muscle groups with control while others will have you working in a small range and pulsing to fatigue the muscles. It will challenge you, and change you.

3. Increased stability and core control – no matter what the exercise is, you will use your core. Whether you’re using the equipment or standing on one leg, your core needs to switch on to maintain balance and control. The benefit of doing 80% of the class in standing, you will increase your balance and core strength in a functional way, allowing you to move better and perform other activities better.

4. Improved posture and body awareness – with the flowing sequences you will feel like your body is re-aligned, balanced and centered. You will feel more connected to your body, which will bring awareness to your posture. You’ll feel taller and more open.

5. It’s for everyone – the great thing about Barre is that you can work with the movements to suit your needs by limiting or expanding the range of motion. Exercises can be modified for beginners, pregnant women and clients who have an injury, but can also be modified for those wanting a challenge!

6. Increased flexibility – most bodies will either be very flexible, but not strong, or strong but not flexible. Barre can allow you to have the best of both worlds through focused stretching and weight bearing exercises.

7. Fun and full of variety – using different equipment, changing pace, and different choreography allows you to get the most out of the workout while having a bit of fun.

To find out more about our Core Stability classes or one-on-one sessions with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist, please phone us on 9527 4099.

See you at the Barre!

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