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Women’s Health

There are many special stages throughout a woman's life, from her childbearing years to menopause and beyond. The changes that occur both physiologically and mentally to a woman may be distressing when there is lack of awareness. Women's health is...

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Men’s Pelvic Floor and Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation

Pre-operative physiotherapy includes: The post-operative radical prostatectomy program involves: General: Men's Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Management of Male Urinary Incontinence Incontinence (loss of control of the bladder causing leaking) is often hidden by men. They don't know there is help...

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Start off on the right foot when you run!

As winter approaches, Shire sport is in full swing and the Sutherland to Surf is only a handful of weeks away. At this time of year, we consistently see a spike in the number of running- and training-related injuries. In...

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Are you warming up correctly?

It is widely accepted that a warm-up prior to sport is essential to increase blood flow, improve performance and to decrease the risk of injury. Stretching is often included in warm-ups, however the way in which you stretch may actually...

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Exercise Physiology and Goal Setting

What is an Exercise Physiologist? Exercise Physiologists are university qualified allied health professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver safe and effective exercise interventions for people with a wide range of conditions and illnesses. EPs are...

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