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Exercise and You

The recent SBS Insight program has shone a light on how important exercise is to help people manage chronic disease. Patients are often told “to exercise” by their doctor. The experts on the program identified that many people were not advised about what exercise to do, how to do it, or how often they should exercise.

Exercise for these types of diseases, like medication, has to be individualised to the patient with type and dose. The wrong exercise, like the wrong medication, can give an incorrect reaction and put you off exercising altogether.

Research has now shown that the correct exercise can help management of many chronic health conditions. Even fatigue can be helped with the correct dose and type of exercise – hard to believe, but true!

So listen to your Doctor and start exercising; but firstly, get good advice about the correct exercise program. If pain is limiting you in this choice, our physios and EPs are highly  trained in pain management and can help you to start exercising.

Make the big step and talk to Southside Physiotherapy about who can help you on your pathway to a healthier and happier you!

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