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Junior Sport: Tips and Advice (Warm-ups & Cool-downs)

Warm-ups and Cool-downs are critical parts of training and playing sport. Always allow about 10 minutes pre- and post-game/training.

  • the purpose of the warm-up is to allow the athlete to prepare for an increased level of activity
  • stretching must always be included in all training and playing – usually dynamic stretching in your warm-up and some static stretching in your cool-down
  • warming up muscles and joints before all sports may help reduce the risk of injury
  • warm-up helps prepare mentally and also stimulates neuro-muscular firing patterns, assisting co-ordination
  • warm-up prepares joints/ligaments for full ranges of movement, so the limbs can move more efficiently when increased loading occurs during training or the game
  • warm-ups typically consist of 5-10 minutes of cardio e.g. running, skipping or cycling followed by dynamic stretching and specific drills
  • cool-downs after games encourage drainage of lactic acid from the muscles and minimise delayed onset of muscular soreness (DOMs)
  • cool-downs usually involve light stretching of the major muscle groups for 5-10 minutes in total

A good example of a Warm-up Program is available on our website under “Junior Sport – Dynamic Stretching”

Please note: this information should serve as a guide only. When in doubt always seek advice from Southside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre or your GP.

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