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The Running Evolution – Move better, Run Fast(er)

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I am not a runner, nor have I ever enjoyed running. I grew up in the water – I loved swimming. So, when presented with an entire weekend devoted to a Running Clinic, I was pretty nervous. That was before I completed the weekend course, where I actually improved my running technique, and even started to enjoy it!

Southside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre was fortunate to play host to Paul Goss from the Running School in London, UK. Paul, a Physiotherapist, is a renowned running coach and a leader in his field. After seeing a video of my running mechanics, Paul asked if I would be a volunteer for the course. I was to be a mock client of Paul’s to demonstrate what he would cover in the Initial session at his Running School. He said I had a good video because I had movement patterns that were “interesting”. In other words, very easy faults to identify and plenty of room for improvement.

The analysis of your running technique utilises a video recording with a designated program, allowing easy viewing of faulty (and good) movement patterns. When you watch my video, the most obvious deficit you observe is my hip drop. I basically have very weak gluteals and as a result cannot stabilise my pelvis during dynamic movement. Other faults that were identified were an increase in lumbar lordosis (curvy lower back) and an insufficient arm swing and leg cycle. To say I had room for improvement is an understatement!

Paul took myself and one other participant through a Biomechanical Assessment. The 30-minute session consisted of:

  • 2-4 minute warm up on the treadmill from a walk to a jogging pace (about 10-11km/h)
  • identifying up to three “priorities” for the session (fault correction)
  • intermittant runs on the treadmill for up to 20 seconds – each run had a focus; the first run focussed on my leg cycle, another one I did “holds” to improve my upright posture
  • between the runs on the treadmill, I would do an exercise relating to my priorities for the session: for example, I did mini leg squats to activate my glut medius, another time I used the foam roller to release my hip flexors to prevent them pulling my pelvis anteriorly (forward)
  • the running intervals gradually increased in either speed or incline, depending on the intention
  • one final run, putting everything together that we were focussing on in the session

As we progressed, the transformation in our running technique was incredible! Never did I ever think I could run at 13km/h on a treadmill, on an incline of 10% with a good running technique – and actually like it!

With the running season well and truly upon us, many of us will be seeking out ways to lift our game and prevent injury. To find out how we can help you improve your running technique with this innovative running program, phone 9527 4099.


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