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Welcome to Southside Physiotherapy Cronulla’s new blog

“To move is to live – to move well is to live well”

We intend to cover many facets of physical health and optimum fitness which affect our current lifestyles across the broader community. This will enable you to gain useful facts and the knowledge to apply them to your own well-being. All of our clinicians will be contributing information that will offer you insights into current injury management and prevention, including sports injuries, dance, core stability and functional training.

We now offer Clinical Functional Training sessions on a one-on-one basis with Shannon, Silvia and Laura. This type of training uses specific sets of equipment in our gymnasium. It assists you by fine tuning and strengthening all movements to prevent poor loading and further injury, as well as maximising sporting performance.

The ballet barre is currently being installed and will be utilised by Silvia and Robyn in our Core Stability classes using Barre Attack guidelines, offering exciting variety and progression to these popular activities.

This month we are hosting a Running Clinic here in our gymnasium, enabling our clinicians to understand the latest concepts in teaching correct running technique and treatment methods.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. Please share with us your feedback and comments.

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