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PD Warrior at Southside Physiotherapy Cronulla

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What is PD Warrior?

PD Warrior is a world-renowned early intervention strategy for Parkinson’s Disease. PD Warrior is exercise-based and specifically targets your Parkinson’s symptoms. 

Recent research has shown that the right type of exercise can slow down the progression of (and even improve) Parkinson’s symptoms.


  • Improved confidence
  • Better, easier movement
  • Improved quality of life
  • Slower symptom progression

Who PD Warrior is appropriate for

PD Warrior is perfect for early to middle stage Parkinson’s, there is no such thing as being ‘too mild’ to start PD Warrior. If you are:

  • Ambulatory and a low risk of falls
  • Medically stable
  • Stable on Parkinson’s medications as prescribed by your neurologist

…then PD Warrior is perfect for you.

People who have severe depression, regular freezing, or regular falls will be screened carefully prior to entry into the program.

For more information about the PD Warrior program, visit

What we offer at Southside Physiotherapy

1. Parkinson’s assessment & tailored exercise program

This is a detailed interview and assessment. Our aim is to get the best possible understanding of you, your Parkinson’s symptoms, and how they affect you. We then take some physical assessment measures that help us to tailor an exercise program to you, and provide a reference point for future reassessment. Your exercises that we teach you do not take long to do, but we emphasise that you practice them at home every day!

2. Group classes

These are a one-hour duration small group class, held with a maximum of six people so that you gent plenty of attention. We run classes in our onsite gymnasium, and they are all taught by level 4 qualified PD Warrior instructors. The class is a circuit format, and provide a great way to not only do some supervised exercise, but also connect with other Parkinson’s patients.

3. NDIS assessments

If you are under 65 years of age that qualifies you to apply to the NDIS. After your initial assessment, we can write a Needs Assessment Report to assist you with your application for NDIS funding. If you would like more info on this process please contact us.

Don’t let deconditioning or demotivation define you! Fight your Parkinson’s, and don’t wait!

For more information call Southside Physiotherapy and speak to one of our physiotherapists on 9527 4099.

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