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Southside Physiotherapy is a complete, self-contained injury rehabilitation facility on the ground level.

Our exercise area is air-conditioned and well-appointed to enable targeted rehabilitation techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our group sessions are conducted by qualified instructors with a special interest in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This means that in the one facility we are capable of handling all conditions from acute injuries through to back onto the field, ready to play for the injured sportsperson or treatment through to work hardening programs and a speedy return to the workplace for an injured worker. Our core and pelvic stability programs are highly beneficial in not only helping to overcome and prevent the debilitating effects of back pain and injury but to also help improve fitness and quality of life.

Sports injuries

Move from Pain to Performance
Sports injuries, Cronulla service photo

PD Warrior

Early intervention in Parkinson’s Disease
PD Warrior at Southside Physiotherapy Cronulla service photo

Group Exercise Sessions

All of our sessions are appropriate for people of varying physical capacity.
Group Exercise Sessions service photo

Running Clinic

Improve your running with our movement screening and video analysis
Move better. Run better. Run faster. service photo

Headaches & Vertigo

Don’t just put up! Get your life back to normal
Headache and Vertigo management service photo

Women’s Health

Therapists with specialised training in assessment and treatment of pelvic health concerns
Women’s Health service photo

Men's health

Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening Exercises for Blokes
Men’s Pelvic Floor and Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation service photo
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