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Start off on the right foot when you run!

As winter approaches, Shire sport is in full swing and the Sutherland to Surf is only a handful of weeks away. At this time of year, we consistently see a spike in the number of running- and training-related injuries. In fact, research tells us that up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners suffer from overuse injuries. The most common of these include knee pain, shin splints, achilles pain and heel pain.

Running technique can be a large contributor to the onset of overuse type injuries. Running, like swimming, is a skill that can be trained. Many children and adults have never learnt how to run properly, and poor running technique puts higher stress on the joints and uses energy inefficiently.

We know that variations in stride length, arm swing, foot strike, pronation (rolling in) and hip and knee movement can affect how the body absorbs force when you hit the ground.

Here at Southside Physiotherapy, our therapists run a Running Clinic! We use video analysis and functional movement screening to pick up flaws in your running technique and weaknesses in your body that could cause injury.

Whether you’re training for a race, running socially, or just trying to get fit before summer, our Running Clinic will get you moving better and moving faster.

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