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Sports injury management in CronullaSport is Australia's favourite pastime. Inevitably, in all sport, injuries happen. Southside Physiotherapy can get you back on the field quickly with the latest sports injury treatment methods including accelerated rehabilitation techniques.

Southside Physiotherapists are highly qualified and trained in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries. Francis and Phillip have the added distinction of being titled Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Physiotherapists. To attain this specialised title they have undertaken a rigorous selection and training process of high academic, clinical and on field experience and competency.

Our physiotherapists adopt a team approach to injury recovery and are dedicated to improving your health and fitness and returning you safely back to full match capability. We also concentrate on preventing reoccurrence and improving your overall skills and performance levels.

Whether your goal is improving your fitness, strength and flexibility, getting rid of that annoying chronic niggle, recovering from a serious injury or surgery or getting back onto the playing field safely, we can design programs specific to your need.

Physiotherapists, along with dieticians, psychologists and exercise physiologists are the only allied health practitioners on the Australian Olympic team. They comprise by far the largest component of the Olympic Sports Injury Management Team.
Physiotherapists are appointed to all major professional sporting teams. Francis and Phillip have in the past had long term appointments to:

  • St George NRL Dragons
  • Cronulla Sutherland NRL Sharks
  • Sydney Kings NBL

This indicates a high level of satisfaction and respect these professional organisations have had for Southside Physiotherapy Cronulla.


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